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About Vickie Parker

Education and experience:

Vickie Parker My name is Vickie Parker and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I Graduated from California State University Northridge with high honors in 1998. Graduating while raising two children was a great accomplishment. My Masters of Science Degree is in Educational Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. In 2002 I received my License as a Marriage and Family Therapist. During the last 12 years I have taken additional workshops and training, becoming a certified Parent Educator. I am also certified to supervise Interns and Trainees who want to become Marriage and Family Therapists or Licensed Clinical Social Workers. In addition, I have been certified in Trauma First Aid and EMDR which allows me to work with trauma effectively and quickly. Since 1998, I have worked with people adjusting to issues related to disabilities.

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Personal Statement

Whether working with an adult or child, it is my belief that a relationship-based therapy provides clients with the most effective and complete way to heal. It is my honor and privilege, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, to foster the development of a healthy relationship between client and therapist. Through this relationship, the client will gain support, insight, and understanding of their behavior. Clients will have corrective and emotional experiences, which allow them the opportunity to heal from past wounds. In a safe, secure, and trusting environment, clients can make changes with therapists and then take that knowledge out in the world to change behaviors in their life. Sometimes clients, who have experienced trauma, need to work the trauma out of their bodies and process traumatic events in a different way. With those clients EMDR and Somatic Work are also included. Each individual who enters my office has different needs because of different experiences, support systems, history, and temperament. Therefore each client receives a treatment plan that is uniquely designed to meet his or her needs. I am an enlightened guide or witness to clients’ progress, which in itself can bring about healing.

I work with children as well as adults. While working with a child, I use play therapy. Play is the language of children; therefore, play therapy allows the child to connect with difficult material in a different way. Through dramatic play, children can show conflicts, work through disturbing material, and provide insight to a world the child may not have the vocabulary to describe. A therapist who is knowledgeable in play therapy can guide the child through this process in a way that is natural, trust building, and healing. When working with children, I also need to work with their parents. As a parent Educator, I can provide ideas, tips, and knowledge to struggling parents. Having an extensive knowledge of child development, I can help parents understand the limits, capabilities, and possible meaning of their children’s behavior.

Working with adults, children, and families struggling to work through issues relating to a disability is another dimension of my work. Meeting the special needs and challenges of people with disabilities comes naturally to me, because I’ve lived with limited vision my entire life. I understand the fears and stress as well as the necessary resources to make progress and become productive for clients with disabilities. Young or old, each client, working through issues of trauma or disability, deserves quality therapy.

In my practice, when applicable, I can provide an individual case contract through the insurance company. However, I usually see cash fee clients. Because I believe it is important for everyone to have quality therapy, I offer limited sliding scale fees to five individuals or families at one time.


21243 Ventura Blvd., Unit #139, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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